Mom, for setting the best example of devotion and kindness I've ever known, for making it possible for me to devote so much time to music by taking care of the kids for me; for genuinely liking my creations; for supporting my progress; for the model work ethic you've shown all your life. I am so lucky you’re my mom. I love and respect you more than words can say.

Abby, for choosing me to be your mama; for letting me write music with you; for being a dear and wonderful life companion. I love you so much. (You’re my favorite.)

Mary, for choosing me to be your mama; for helping me so much with your good taste and judgment on the visual art needs of all my projects; for your wit and wonder. I love you so much. (You’re my favorite.)

Blake, for choosing me to be your mama; for the good medicine of laughter you dispense so liberally with all your crazy improv skits and completely nutty songs; for your insights and wisdom; for being my shaman in residence. I love you so much. (You’re my favorite.)

Dad, for the love, support and encouragement you provide to me from the other side. Thank you for being with me and keeping an eye on me still.

Pete and Buster, for your enduring love and support and for all of your help with the art and photographs for the CD.

Lance, for making “8” a wonderful experience. It was such a pleasure to work with a balanced, sensible, professional, extremely knowledgeable and amazingly gifted composer, musician, producer and engineer.

Pen, for having my back at all times and being there whenever I call for whatever I need, in this case, the layout work for the CD. You are one of the most, if not the most, important musical influences of my life. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you.

Bryan, for so much I really don’t know where to begin. You know. I don’t need to say it. Peace, love and blessings to you forever and always.

Emily, for giving me a new life and coming back again with me for another incarnation of fun and adventure.

Rita, for being my loving friend and incarnate spirit guide. I miss you but know you’re not really gone. I know you hear me when I talk with you, and I listen when you talk with me. It will be the blink of an eye, and I’ll be there with you.

Julie, Anita, Lisa D., Laura, Mary-Ellen, Renee, Lisa E., and Erinn, for your love, friendship, guidance, understanding and support. Thank you for the strength you give me to carry on.

Matt and John Krippendorf, for your deep and abiding love and friendship that nourishes my soul like nothing else can, a million thank yous

Amy Okaya, Susan Fitzgerald and Camille Lemaster Shaw, for the bonds of friendship that live on among us and so many happy memories.

Dale, for your ever present kind and capable assistance with so many things. I count your help and kindness as one of life’s great treasures.

Sam: I miss you.

Dwain, for coming to visit and for the legacy of your creation.

Angela, for making music with me and gracing my life with your love, support, laughter and amazing psychic adventures.

Jason, for giving me some of the most amazing and joyful musical experiences of my life—it is an honor and privilege to make music with you, and for your love and friendship.

Jeanne Dawe, Kathleen Gambill, Chris Parker, Eric Bylund and Jeff Johnson, for teaching my kids music.

Dawn Namey, for being my first music teacher and pouring the foundation upon which I build.

Shannon Keeter, for freeing my voice to sing: exactly the right teacher at exactly the right time. I will always be grateful to you for this.

Anthony Curtis, for the pleasure of working with a master. Not only has our collaboration helped me to understand the value of what I do, it's also been enormous fun.

Robin Payne, for the pleasure of playing guitar with you. You are amazing and I will always be a fan.

The Monroe and Bracey Families, for your enduring love, support and kindness. I have reverence for you, each and every one.

Lisa Marks and Inner Peace, Joan Wash, Gina Kochany, Laurel Herman, Carole Frey, Mary Roach, Carol Fitzpatrick, Beth Johnson, Mike Dooley, Jenny Haynes, Bartholomu, Christon, Kathryn Leeman, Bekki Eldridge, Linda Drake, Stephanie Kraft, Tanya Wineland, Brian Weiss, John Oliver and The Aquarian Bookshop, Susan Hughes, Louise Hay, Mary Ann Winkowski, Doreen Virtue, Steven Farmer, and so many others for walking with me along the path of spirit.

Spirit guides, angels, the universe and Jesus, for your wisdom, support, protection and guidance.