Robyne Byrdde

Robyne Byrdde (pronounced “robin bird”) (a/k/a Robyne Lau Bridgman) has been creating music since her pre-teen years. She played keyboard, bass and guitar with alternative pop and punk bands (DC-10 and the Engine Mounts; Whoomp; Worm Collectors and Happiest People in the World) in high school and college. She went on to play bass with metal bands Blower and Mechanarexic. In 2009 she began work with progressive folk band gash gold vermilion, which culminated in the self-released CD Compos Mentis in January, 2013. Robyne began performing solo in July, 2013.

A published scientist (B.S., M.S., Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University) and lawyer (J.D., University of Virginia School of Law), Robyne focused on work and family for over a decade before returning to making music. Her spiritual awakening in 2009 led to the understanding that creating music is a key life purpose for this incarnation. Her spirituality remains the driving force in her commitment to manifest the songs she channels.

Robyne’s alternative folk style reflects the rhythms and song construction of formative favorites: Honor Role, REM, and Neil Young. A fan of progressive and metal, Robyne also incorporates Voivod chords and construction in her songs, as well as traces of King Crimson. She has been compared to Liz Phair and Chrissie Hynde.

Robyne’s first solo effort, 8, was released in May, 2014. It features four songs “done up” and then presented again “straight up” as live solos. Robyne plays straight up, but was able to fully dress out the songs on 8 with the help of Lance Koehler, owner of Minimum Wage Recording in Richmond, Virginia, who also produced, mixed and mastered the CD and composed and performed percussion and some of the bass tracks.

Robyne plans to release additional live solo tracks later in 2014.